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Freedom of speech and assembly under attack

If the left can undermine freedom of speech and of assembly for “Nazis,” then we are in danger of losing ours as well. In fact, everyone on the right will


League of the South in Pikeville, Kentucky

This group at right, plus a few other LS members and a few volunteers from the local Pikeville area–about 30 in all–stood down some 200 Antifa at a distance of


A lawless, godless regime

Kim Davis, the Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk who refused on religious grounds to grant marriage licenses to sodomites, has been arrested by federal agents. The feds wasted no time in


Kentucky LS says “Feds Out” in Alexandria

On Saturday, 30 May, the Kentucky League of the South held a demonstration in Alexandria. The demonstration’s objective was to spread the messages “Feds Out of Kentucky” and “Secede to


Feds out of Kentucky demonstration

Join the Kentucky chapter of The League of the South for a demonstration on Saturday, 30 May, in Alexandria. The theme of the demonstration is “Feds Out of Kentucky.” Come