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Hamas-Israeli War

The League of the South, the premier Southern nationalist organization, advises Southerners against getting involved in any way in the current war between Hamas and the state of Israel. That

Commentary News

Statement on the US attack on Syria

League of the South statement 4/13/2018 The League of the South condemns the barbaric and completely unnecessary attack on Assad’s Syria. It is being carried out, we believe, for the


The Syrian “chemical attack” crisis . . . Cui bono?

The US Deep State and its allies (particularly Great Britain, France, and Israel) are trying to demonize Assad’s Syria and its ally Russia by any means possible. The latest accusation


A better world as seen through Southern nationalist eyes

As Southern nationalists, we are not beholden to the American Empire. While we are indeed currently occupied by it, we understand that 1) its demise is sure and 2) its


Things are not as they appear . . .

We in The League are not fooled by the on-going Barry and Bibi dog and pony show. Ponder this from our own Chief of Staff: 1) The US overthrew Saddam


Official Obfuscation

The USA’s Magic Negro, aka Barry Obama, is throwing up another smokescreen by comparing ISIS to the Christian Crusaders of the middle ages. Here is what the MN said: “Unless