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Crushing Atlanta City Birds

For the past 30 years Georgia has been becoming less and less Southern. This is a fact that is backed by the last census with Georgia currently being 57% White

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By Brennus [Editor’s Note: Please be advised: the following is a graphic tale of a brutal rape and murder. This article first appeared in The Free Magnolia, vol. 13, no.

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League of the South hurricane relief effort

LS Directive 13102018 NOTE: We now have access to a PayPal account. If you’d like to donate, contact Michael Hill at <[email protected]> for details. The League has officially postponed its


League speaks at Confederate memorial rally in Birmingham

League members attended a Confederate memorial rally in Birmingham this weekend. Some of them gave speeches. Here is Georgia Vice Chairman William Flowers:


League member attends Battle flag parade in Georgia

Today, League of the South member Eric Meadows participated in a Confederate battle flag parade that traveled through the Cartersville/Calhoun area in Georgia. His account of the event follows: The


The League appeals to Southerners in Jackson, Mississippi

Georgia League of the South Vice Chairman William Flowers spoke before a crowd in Jackson, Mississippi. His account and video of his speech can be seen below: On July 6,


League demonstrates for Southern workers in Vidalia, Georgia

On Saturday, 28 March, The League of the South held a public demonstration in Vidalia, Georgia, on behalf of the Southern working class and against immigration. The theme was “Immigration


League demonstration in south Georgia, 28 March 2015

Come and join our demonstration against immigration and for Southern workers in south Georgia on 28 March! https://www.facebook.com/leagueofthesouth