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Communist Antifa working with top US government officials

11 February 2019 Breaking news: Antifa have access to top levels of US government. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/antifa-activist-facing-assault-charges-was-tied-to-democratic-policymakers.amp?fbclid=IwAR1D27SoYOm9Ya_k_-k9HLsN4VnPctxEguy3_DYiLpd_SkGl_NMIWUGdbJI

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An observation on the day after the elections

I forced myself to watch last night’s election coverage on CNN. I normally do not self-inflict such misery. But through it all, I learned a few things, and some things

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A short statement on the midterm elections

The Democrat party is now beyond doubt the lair of the Jew, the negro and other dark-skinned people, and the self-hating White. It will be weaponized for your destruction, Southern/White