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The state of the modern church

The South would not be what it is without its historic adherence to the Christian faith. We are not called “the Bible Belt” for nothing. The League of the South,


Anti-white whites

There is nothing more pitiful, not to mention incomprehensible, than anti-white whites. When the day they wish for actually comes, do you think the dark hordes will distinguish them from


No fear

I spoke earlier today to an older fellow who lives in Spartanburg, South Carolina. His neighborhood over the years has deteriorated and is now majority black. Nonetheless, this gentleman flies


A comment

Anyone who cannot see that a war is being waged by Cultural Marxists against white people and their civilization, especially in the South, is either willfully blind or woefully stupid.


Two Flags over Dixie

The League of the South. Our past & our present and future! These things will not be stolen from us by a policy of Cultural Genocide. We will fight together


Whom will you serve?

This June the US Supreme Court will likely declare same-sex “marriage” to be a constitutional right. At that point, government will have the whip hand over Christians and their institutions,