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Resistance to Tyranny: The Last Option

Besides personal government–controlling yourself by means of your mind, heart, and conscience–there are three other biblical forms of government recognized historically as legitimate in Christendom: 1) civil government; 2) ecclesiastical

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Continuing war against the South

The Southern States–the Bible Belt–are under attack by the forces of “progressivism” for daring to stand up against the perversions of homosexuality and related horrors. Southerners are finding out that


A statement from Texas LS member, Dr. Robert M Shivers

I find it bizarre, on a Kafkaesque level, that people who live in a society where perversion is the norm, where the idea of holy marriage is mocked, where life


Some hard questions . . .

Some hard questions for our Southern brothers and sisters, most of whom we presume are Christians: Do you or members of your family intend to fight and die for a