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The Fall of the Empire

The American Empire is dying, and that process is pretty far along. The end is inevitable, made obvious day after day by signs that even “normies” can’t fail to see.


Celebrating on the fourth day of July, AD 2015

I am celebrating on this fourth day of July, AD 2015. Yes, I am celebrating another day of life, good health, and all the other blessings God has given me


New day, new ballgame

A couple of League members (husband and wife) just returned from a trip “up north.” Specifically, they traveled to several mid-western states. Their automobile carried several pro-South and Confederate flag


Why we fight

We Southern Nationalists fight because we love. We love the South. We love the abundant food it provides us. A wonderful place to live it gives us. A place where


A better world as seen through Southern nationalist eyes

As Southern nationalists, we are not beholden to the American Empire. While we are indeed currently occupied by it, we understand that 1) its demise is sure and 2) its

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Why do you hate America?

Occasionally, folks who read my pro-secession, pro-Southern independence essays and articles and hear my speeches will send me a private query that can properly be summed up as such: “Why


The Continuing War Against the South

A war is still being waged against the South, not by bullets and bayonets but by a campaign of demonization. As a political and social stratagem, demonization is a ploy


Independence: the South’s only option

How are things going for you, Mr. and Mrs. Southerner? You are being forced into a “health care” system—ObamaCare–designed to provide worse service for more money; you are being spied


The proper response to tyranny

The proper response to tyranny is to oppose it with every resource at your command. After all, its design is to destroy you. But if you’re an average Southerner with