Sword Land

jm-hill-lrgWe in The League have said over and over for the last two decades that the US government is an organized criminal enterprise. That means that it holds itself above its own law (not to mention God’s law) and has one standard of justice for itself and its minions and another for folks like us. This could not be illustrated any more clearly than in the FBI’s refusal to prosecute Hillary Clinton on criminal charges regarding her misuse of classified emails. Lesser lights would do time for such an offense.

But Hillary is not a lesser light; rather, she is on the cusp of becoming President of the world’s greatest empire. She is an important part of The Establishment, and as such she is not accountable to the law. Neither she nor her husband has ever been accountable to it.

If Americans blinded by “patriotism” even now refuse to see that the US government is an illicit and illegal regime, then they are beyond hope and redemption. They are, and will remain, serfs and subjects of an increasing tyranny, and rightly so.

If virtuous men and women who take pride in being called “citizen” (and all that that word implies from an historical point of view in the Western world, from the Greeks until the present day) have no recourse to the law, then they have recourse only to the sword. This is not a choice of their own making. It is not a path they chose for themselves. No, it was a course chosen for them by those who fashion themselves above the law.

Without law, no man’s life or property is secure, and his liberty is vanquished . . . unless he is prepared to do whatever is necessary to preserve it, along with life and property. When the law ceases to be a refuge for honest men, it by necessity becomes a prison house. And no decent man will consent to a prison house for the act fending off the tyranny of the lawless.

America in 2016 is a tyranny of the lawless. It has become what our medieval ancestors called “sword land,” a region where brute force, threats, and strength of arms decides the day. We have not made America–and the South–into sword land. This has been done by those who have controlled the US government and its attendant supporting institutions for the last century. It has been done by lawless men in service to the Serpent of old.

This godless slithering Serpent has been slow in maturing, but it is now a fully formed monstrosity. We have no choice but to seek it out and cut off its head. Whether we like it or not, the game is now on. Good hunting, gentlemen, and may God guide your hand.

Michael Hill