Support rises for secession

An amazing white pill has been dropped on the dissident right this week as a new poll shows that secession support in the South has drastically grown in the ashes of America’s cities. Support for secession has actually increased nationwide but in the South the results are “most disturbing”, according the the Managerial Class. Over the last five months support for secession has risen 16% in the South. Let that sink in folks.

It’s true from what I’ve seen that many normie conservatives have had enough of the Biden federalist police state. In the South the GOP secessionists are now the majority at 66%.

Even more promising is the fact Independents are 50/50 according to the polling. While we’ve long been called alarmists and dreamers it now turns out we were just ahead of the curve. Indeed, it was a wise choice on leadership’s part to stay out of the cat fight last summer between BLM, Antifa, and Trump’s supporters. We would only been used as a scapegoat had we jumped into the fray. The League made a tactical disengagement to see where the coin would fall.  

This policy has done us well as the average Republican and even Independents in the South now have shifted radically toward our way of thinking. While perhaps not hardened Southern Nationalists, many have already accepted secession as the only way forward. The question now is what is the next move for us?

We can now see secession is likely going to hit 50% by the end of the year in the South as Biden doesn’t want to move away from the most toxic aspects of his communist platform. Indeed, expect the DNC and feds to crack down harder to try to maintain their federal empire’s dominance. It’s the Leagues job to continue to push the narrative of Southern Independence. While we’ve taken hits, we can see the Lord is opening the door for independence for Dixie. Christ himself sent down a bolt of lighting to explode the false idol of George Floyd in Toledo. The time has come to throw off false idols, whether it be Saint Floyd or the aesthetics of the decaying American Empire. Free Dixie! 

Dixie Anon