Support for Hungary’s Viktor Orban

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has lead the effort in his country to ban under penalty of law the teaching of homosexual, transgender, and other perverted materials to children. Predictably, the European Union bureaucrats have threatened to kick Hungary our of their jew-dominated organization if Orban doesn’t relent.

The League of the South, the leading Southern nationalist organization, gives its support to Orban and his fellow countrymen as they oppose the wickedness of the European Union’s demonic campaign to push children into accepting a way of life that is both unnatural and ungodly.

We believe that every Western country, as part of what once was called Christendom, ought to reject all elements of this perverse agenda being pursued by the globalists. It is nothing less than a culture of death being pushed on White nations, and the end game is White genocide.

Once the South is back under control of Southerners, a goal for which we been striving for the past quarter century, we shall do the same as PM Orban is doing today in Hungary. May the God of our fathers bless his efforts and ours.

Michael Hill, Killen, Alabama, June 2021