Beyonce's black panther bitches super bowl 2016Post-Christian America continues to fill up its cup of wrath in the face of an angry God.

Though I did not watch it, I have heard and read today of the Super Bowl halftime show. Virtually every current leftist-progressive sacred cow was seen grazing on the grass at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara–#blacklivesmatter, a not-so-subtle summons to black violence with the Black Panthers theme (see photo at right), white rainbow faggotry with Cold Play, and a little dark sympathy for Moloch with the gyrations and devilment of Beyonce’ and Bruno Mars. Super stuff, huh?

With each passing year, modern America, as presented to the world via the most watched 30-minutes on television, continues its inexorable slide into the black hole of hell. The putrid stink of Uncle Sam’s rotting carcass can no longer be ignored. We traditional Southerners want out of this nightmare. Southern independence . . . now!

Michael Hill