Submit or fight

blood-thirst-image-1-sept-2016The modern mind, a product of Enlightenment thinking, has no conception of exclusive territory outside of perhaps standard home ownership or the possession of some acreage. This is our “private property,” and that’s as far as it goes.

However, what about the lands to which a distinct people group–an historic nation–can lay claim collectively? Once upon a time, the lands known as France belonged unquestionably to an easily-definable people group known as Frenchmen. The same could be said of the other historic European nation-states as well, as it could about the American South.

This meant that the dominant group in each area determined who outside their group, if any, was allowed to come into their lands and what they might be allowed to do. This is the natural state of society; it is what we might generally call nationalism or tribalism. But over the past couple of centuries it has been attacked by the forces of internationalism (globalism), which of course is the preserve of the Jew (Esau-Edomites and Khazars, to be exact). The Jew is the enemy of all nationalism or tribalism but his own.

The result has been that the governments and allied institutions of these historic nation-states have been hijacked and turned against the people groups (Southerners, Germans, Frenchmen, Englishmen, et al) whom they were long ago established to serve. The most alarming manifestation of this takeover has been the support by the new ruling elites for the demographic displacement of the old white European Christian stock with non-white, non-European, non-Christian stock from the Third World.

We men of the old stock now find that we no longer have secure lands on which to work, worship, and raise our families. Instead, we have feral enemies on our streets and white collar overlords who control our institutions. In short, those lands that once were unquestionably ours now are in control of hostile forces. And if we fight back, then we are considered “outlaws” who must be punished by the full forces of the “law” (their “law,” by the way).

What to do? Continue to submit and pass out of existence as distinct people groups (nation-states) or fight back and drive our enemies from our midst. And when I say fight, I mean it literally. You cannot use the pen when the situation clearly calls for the sword.

Michael Hill