Still trust the GOP?

Abe Lincoln Feb 2013Since our inception in 1994, The League of the South has made it clear to anyone who would listen that the Republican Party was no friend of the South or of “conservatives” in general. We pointed to the leftist origins of the GOP in the 1850s (many German socialists who supported the failed 1848 revolutions in Europe were instrumental in founding the Republican Party) and the obvious anti-South, big government policies of Abe Lincoln as support for our assertions. We even dared show how Ronald Reagan talked a good game but governed like a liberal. But most folks didn’t listen and kept right on voting for the GOP’s candidates, thinking it would make a difference.

Speaking of difference, Alabama Governor George C. Wallace said back in the 1960s that there was not a dime’s worth of it between the Republicans and Democrats. He was right, and we knew he was. So why didn’t everyone else?

Now, after the GOP’s overwhelming support of Obama’s 2016 “budget,” a $1.1 trillion boondoggle that will continue the regime’s anti-white, pro-immigration, socialist policies, the mask ought finally to be completely off the monster. From this point on, no truly conservative American will have any excuse for being fooled by the GOP.

One of the objectives of The League way back in 1994 was to help end the Southern people’s blind allegiance to the Republican Party. We have drummed home the message of GOP perfidy and treachery now for over two decades. Surely this latest insult to Southern conservatives will break that nest of criminals’ political stranglehold on Dixie. If it doesn’t, then the Southern people (and conservatives elsewhere) will get what they deserve.

Michael Hill

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  1. Sir,
    As a Tarheel, I have oft felt well served by those Republicans in our state. Please see such luminaries as Walter Jones or Jesse Helms.

    That said, I have never trusted the national Republican party.

    The difficulty is this : given that my fellow Tarheels and Southerners do not presently seem to be entertaining any options that would, ultimately, hold out the prospect of some kind of independence, I am left with two choices – vote for someone like Ted Cruz, who is a Southron style constitutionalist, or not participate in trying to forestall our subjugation.

    I choose the former.

    Be that as it may : it could be that voting for Miss Hillary, next November, in a swing state such as mine, would help launch Southern Independence, though, such a prospective taste, as a presidency of hers (and Bill’s) is too acerbic a taste in my mouth to contemplate.

    After 16 years of President’s Obama and Bush, the notion of 4 years of Hillary Clinton, is like a thirsty man electing to take a detour out in the desert, in lieu of turning in the direction where water would more likely be.

    Merry Christmas…

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