Statement on Afghanistan

The deteriorating situation in Afghanistan shines a clear light on the complete incompetence and dereliction of the Biden administration. The United States government is a failed (and criminal) enterprise and deserves nothing but contempt from its own citizens. There should be resignations and impeachments all around.

The current situation has been predicted by The League of the South for the last quarter century. All along, we have warned our people in Dixie that our future was outside of the declining and corrupt American Empire. The USA is now a global laughingstock and its days are literally numbered. The Southern states should move immediately to get off this sinking ship before it goes under. We encourage our elected officials on the state and local government levels to begin the process of devolution as soon as possible. Our civilization’s survival will depend on how our people handle this deepening crisis. We can start by preparing ourselves, our families, and our local communities and our states for self-sufficiency, self-protection, and self-government. The day has come for the secession and independence of the Southern states. It is now both necessary and desirable.

Michael Hill, Killen, Alabama 26 August 2021