Statement: League supports our Southern police and sheriffs

Black Panthers Feb 2016In the wake of the murder of five police officers, and the wounding of several more, in Dallas, Texas, by anti-white thugs, The League of the South offers its support to our Southern police and sheriff departments.

It now appears that groups such as #BlackLivesMatter and the New Black Panther Party (among others) have declared open war against law enforcement officers, particularly those who are white. Those who support them, both openly and from behind the scenes, have blood on their hands as well, and this includes the current occupant of the White House and those who support his anti-white, anti-Christian agenda.

As freemen and citizens, we in The League will arm ourselves, defend public order and property, and stand beside our brothers and sisters in the peace keeping profession. When riot and disorder come to our towns, we will stand in the front lines to assist law enforcement in keeping peace and order.

In the meantime, our prayers go out to the families of those officers who died in the line of duty in Dallas and to those who were injured as well.

Michael Hill