State Conference held in Arkansas

Last weekend the Arkansas chapter of the League of the South held their State conference. Here is a wrap up of the event from R.G. Miller who organized the event:

“Our first annual state conference in Arkansas can be classified as nothing other than a complete success. We began with a presentation on our activism here in Arkansas over the past year. As the state chairman, even I was impressed when looking back at all we have been able to get accomplished in such a short time, especially in our street demonstrations. We have held seven successful demonstrations since our inception in late 2014, and six since around this time last year. Several of these had over 50 participants, and the largest had nearly 70. In addition to this, we have had two billboards here in Arkansas, one of which still stands on the main East/West thoroughfare in Harrison. This presentation was very encouraging to the attendees and gave us a good idea of what the future holds. After that we had three speeches by some of the best speakers in Southern Nationalism. The biggest name was of course James Edwards from the political cesspool, and Brad Griffin from Occidental Dissent, Mark Thomey, and I spoke as well. The speeches were very well received by the audience of around 30 men, women, and children. Another encouraging aspect to this conference was the presence of several new prospective members, which most of us had never met. Southern Nationalism is definitely growing in Arkansas.

We even had a brief period of entertainment after eating dinner together at a local restaurant. After we returned to the library event room, a negro employee of the Faulkner County Library was present with a recording device. As one of the stipulations of using the event location was that it had to be open to the public, initially we decided to ignore the negro and go on as planned. However, after the negro sat through Mr. Thomey’s speech, he could contain himself no more. It seems that a brave, unapologetic white Southerner proclaiming the truth grates against the negro mind that is so used to pandering by cucked whites. After the speech, the negro railed at Mr. Thomey and attempted to cause unrest. However, our people demonstrated maturity and our utter superiority over the uncivil and barbaric discourse of the negro, and the situation was soon resolved when his supervisor escorted him out of the room. Several of us and other Southern Nationalists have left unfavorable reviews of the library that have been addressed by the chief supervisor. Hopefully, the negro will learn his lesson and be terminated.

After the conference was over, several of us spent some good time together that carried into the night, as is our usual custom. Brad Griffin and I joined James Edwards for a remote broadcast of the Political Cesspool, where we discussed some of the topics addressed at the conference. Overall, it was a great event, and one which we will look forward to each upcoming year. We are truly blessed here in Arkansas, and I expect great things out of our organization and people in the coming months and years.

God save the South!
R.G. Miller”