Stand up, white man!

Charles MartelEverywhere you turn these days, whites are being violently assailed by “people of color.” This violence is being pushed, both actively and passively, by liberal Western governments, the elite Jewish-controlled media, popular culture, and the Establishment in general. Everyday and with increasing frequency, whites are victims of violent crimes, usually black-on-white, all across the US. In Europe, there is a rape and assault epidemic in those countries that have recently opened their borders to “refugees” (mainly Muslims) from the Middle East and Africa. For instance, see what happened recently during New Year’s Eve “celebrations” in Cologne, Stuttgart, and Hamburg, Germany.

Meanwhile, whites are demonized as “terrorists” for far less egregious acts (e.g. the thus far peaceful occupation of an isolated federal building in Oregon being the most recent). Moreover, the push for draconian gun control measures by the Obama regime (with no meaningful opposition from the GOP) is clearly intended to disarm traditional whites in the suburbs and rural areas, putting them in danger from feral young blacks and the “refugee” invasion that Obama intends to perpetrate on Americans during his last year in office.

In both America and Europe, the white man is being pushed to the wall. How will he react? The answer to that question will determine whether his heretofore sublime civilization and gene pool lives or dies. Remember your ancestors and consider your progeny.

Michael Hill