SPLC running scared in wake of Trump victory

battleflThe Montgomery (Ala.)-based Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) appears to be running scared in the wake of Donald Trump’s stunning Presidential victory this past Tuesday. Richard Cohen, SPLC President, noted in a statement on the group’s blog on 9 November:

“If he means what he says, Mr. Trump must make absolutely clear to them [i.e white nationalists and the alt-right] that neither their ideas nor anyone affiliated with them will have any influence or voice in his administration.

That is the first thing he must do to begin binding the wounds of division that his campaign has caused.” https://www.splcenter.org/news/2016/11/09/election-donald-trump-were-facing-new-reality

Sounds like a very nervous plea to me.

Wow! Imagine the reverse. Clinton wins and a pro-white, pro-Christian, traditionalist group calls upon her to disavow the ideas of radical leftists/communists/socialists/progressives and rule for the benefit of all, especially white Christians, the most hated of all the hated. The leftist camp would have laughed in your face . . . or spat in it (or worse). They also would have continued apace with their dispossession of white America (including our own Southland) and their support for nation-destroying globalism.

If Trump is smart, he will listen to nationalists in various camps throughout America and then act on their ideas. They are the ideas of the future in the US, Europe, and the entire white world: true nations, based on the organic reality of race and ethnicity, kith and kin, blood and soil. They are the ideas that will permit greatness to re-emerge because of the unleashed genius and capability of the white race.

The SPLC knows that it and its leftist cohorts are on the other end of the totem pole, as it were. And after eight years with their people and ideology regnant (and the eight prior to that under Hillary-supporter G. W. Bush), they are the out-in-the-cold opposition now. They demand/plead to be treated with respect while they re-tool and re-marshal their forces for the next grab for power. Or perhaps they don’t want to wait for an election; their street thugs are already on the march in many US cities.

My advice to President-elect Trump is simple: don’t negotiate with serpents; you’ll get bitten. Listen to the truth, sir: your enemies, if given the chance, will destroy you and everything you purport to represent. Treat them like the danger they are. Serve those who put you where you are.

Michael Hill