Southern Baptists condemn Alt-Right and nationalism

Russell Moore June 2017At their 2017 annual coven . . . er, conclave in Phoenix, Arizona, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), led by Chief Cuck Russell Moore (see photo), passed a resolution condemning the Alt-right and nationalism. The resolution was introduced by a radical negro pastor and received widespread support from SBC attendees, many of whom admitted to being swayed to support the measure because of media pressure and the fear of supporting “white supremacy.” Moore went as far as calling nationalism “satanic,” despite the fact that in 2016 this self-same body issued a resolution that recognized the modern, secular state of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish ethnostate. Moreover, the SBC encourages everyone but whites within its own sphere to celebrate their culture and race/ethnicity with pride.

The League of the South, a Southern nationalist organization for white gentiles, roundly condemns the SBC for its cowardly anti-white, anti-Southern, and anti-Biblical stance. Anyone who has studied God’s Holy Word understands that “the nations” play a central role in the unfolding of His Providence. It is also clear that, far from condemning nationalism, the Lord of hosts actually has no truck with its counterpart: globalism. What do you think the condemnation of the Tower of Babel was all about? We think Russell Moore might have the “satanic” shoe on the wrong foot.

The SBC has stepped over the line into full apostasy with this latest resolution. It has sold out to the world, the flesh, and the devil. And unless the likes of Russell Moore repent and turn from whoring after the strange gods of cultural Marxism, may the true and living God send his wrath down upon this unholy thing that calls itself a branch of Christianity.

Michael Hill





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  1. I may be Russian Orthodox Christian, but with some family who are Southern Baptist, I feel saddened. Not surprised, but saddened. Still, it will be men of God who will help deliver my beloved South, just as my “Proslaviye” Faith has been delivering Holy Russia too from Globalist hands!

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