Some thoughts on the current crisis in the streets

What you are seeing now in the streets of America is the beginning of the last act of American history. I know that sounds rather dramatic, but here’s why I think that. For the last 100 years or so, a rootless, international tribe has taken hold of the reins of power in the West.

International Jewry has continually pushed for non-White “civil rights” in tandem with open-border, Third World immigration. The target was the White Man–America–for there would be no America as we know it without the White Man.

In the 1950s and 1960s, our Southern ancestors stood against integration, black “civil rights,” and the stupid ideal of human equality. But we were outnumbered and out-resourced, as we had been in our fight for independence a hundred years earlier.

Because of outside power and pressure, most of it fomented against us by the Jew media and other institutions, our fathers and grandfathers knuckled under (after being abandoned by the Southern upper class and the North), and the last solid bastion of White America was compromised.

Over the last half century, the Jew has used every means at hand to foster anti-White hatred and malice in the minds of non-Whites. Slowly, as exemplified by the steady increase across the decades of violent black-on-White crime, there unfolded an actual physical war against Whiteness. Attacks on Whites have been justified in the Jew lugenpresse because of slavery, Jim Crow, institutionalized “racism,” etc. Whites are evil oppressors; non-Whites (including the poor Jews, of course) are perpetual victims. And the hatred runs very deep.

Since 2008 and the Presidency of Barack Obama, the anti-White campaign has been ratcheted up several notches. This has been especially true since Trump was elected in 2016. Non-Whites see Trump as a White nationalist, though he is far from that, and take out their hatred on any Whites that are available. And Trump refuses to defend, even with words, the very people who elected him to office.

Seeing that Whites have no champion in government and that they are literally on their own, the Jew has moved his New Red Terror into a fresh, and perhaps final, stage: the Final Solution of the White Problem. I said years ago that the US, if Whites did not take a firm stand, would devolve into Rhodesia/South Africa. That day seems now at hand. If non-Whites can riot, loot, burn cities, and assault and kill people with impunity, why do you think you’ll be safe in your little neighborhood? Do you think they’ll send in heavily-armed troops to protect you when they won’t even fire a shot in defense of their own police stations and city buildings? White will and resistance is what the Jew is now testing.

That is why White/Southern nationalist leaders are being put on trial in Charlottesville. Will our fortitude and resolve as a people be rekindled, as it was with our fighting ancestors? Or will it fade out, leaving the future of our beautiful women and children in utter darkness?

The lawless streets of what once was America will not be returning to normal. What we will see is either 1) Whites reduced to penury and perhaps slavery (or killed outright in large numbers) or 2) White resistance followed by a White renaissance in the land bequeathed us by our noble ancestors. The choice is yours, White Man. Choose wisely.–Michael Hill