Some Thoughts On Our Developing Situation

Just because you don’t see it in your own neighborhood writ large doesn’t mean it’s not happening. And it’s getting closer, more frequent, more open, and more intense with each passing day. What “it” is is the official undermining and destruction of White culture and civilization. When I say official, I mean that the “White” governments of the world–the US and Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand–are complicit in this evil deed. As are the media, business, finance, Hollywood, entertainment, et al.

The target is anything that Whites might point to with pride, including our very countries themselves. This escalating wave of hatred and violence against White culture and civilization presently takes many forms, from pulling down a statue of Queen Victoria (with police protection) in Canada, to desecrating a Confederate burial monument in Tennessee, to the dozens of brutal assaults and murders each month committed against Whites by blacks and other non-Whites. And don’t forget about Critical Race Theory, by which they intend to inculcate in our young White people a hated and shame for themselves, their ancestors, and their history and civilization. All these genocidal blows against Whites and all they represent (the apex of civilization) are coming fast and furious from our own governments, which have been largely taken over by jew interests, as well as from “woke” businesses, NGOs, and street thugs like Antifa and BLM. On the federal level, and in most Blue States and cities, the attempt to preserve at least the appearance of the sort of republican government given us by the Founders has been cast aside and tyranny and anarchy are on display for the world to see. The mask is indeed off the monster, and he’s really ugly.

Over the past few decades many have given the warning that this day of the New Red Terror was coming. I remember my late friend and Randolph Club colleague Dr. Samuel Francis warned us about both the dangers of Jew influence in every facet of our public life as well as the emerging technocratic Anarcho-Tyranny state, which is here now in spades.
Whites, Dr. Francis believed, had to organize and carry out a Middle American Radical (MARs) revolution against a neo-Bolshevik Establishment. Now, with the approaching trials in Charlottesville and with a large and predominately mainstream conservative/constitutionalist group, Oathkeepers, being set up to take a fall for their alleged part in the infamous “Insurrection” of 6 January, we’ll await the response of Middle America–the White working- and middle-classes, living mainly in Red State Flyover Country. As Oathkeepers is comprised of ex-military and law enforcement, it will have a great deal of representation from these two classes.

While the DOJ throws the book at them, they’ll be giving BLM, Antifa, and just common garden-variety non-White criminals a slap on the wrist. When one group is given immunity against whatever it does to the other, and the other’s attempt to simply defend itself is made a criminal offense, then you have Anarcho-Tyranny. It is straight out of the old Bolshevik playbook. In fact, all of what you see now is the result of a coordinated, well-financed takeover of the US by stealth, chicanery, covert criminality, and increasingly by open lawlessness and violence.

One thing I know from studying history: these things don’t end well for the native population who has heretofore been too busy working, worshiping, and raising their families to notice the seriousness and close proximity of the threat. And the threat is not only to the inanimate objects of our culture. Your enemy will not stop with the stone of monuments and the fabric of flags. Nor with silencing your free speech to defend yourself. Nor with simply leaving you alone to live your lives as you see fit, as your ancestors did. No, they come after you, flesh, blood, and bone. Genocide historically is the end game for these Bolshevik demons. If you don’t believe it, study the history of the 20th century, an era that witnessed Communism kill some 100 million people. What we face today are the ideological and blood descendants of the original Bolsheviks. They are right now introducing a New Red Terror to a stunned American populace. But that shocked and disoriented mass, still over 60% of the population, is beginning to regain its senses and stir just a bit more, from one depravity to the next. And when it finally fully awakens–and I pray it does–and then organizes and moves to defend itself, its interests, and its country and civilization, then it will win.

I am saying that the key to Whites winning is merely fighting. Refusing to allow an organized and vocal minority to disenfranchise us and take the country our ancestors built and left in our trust. When we fight back with all we have, we will win. But if we don’t . . .

I live in rural north Alabama. Once you get off the Interstates and US highways, you are in our country, not the Establishment’s. That means that when the Establishment comes in with a heavy hand to enforce whatever tyranny is being sent down from DC, they are going to alienate some folks way out here who they will come to wish they’d just left alone. It is said that the largest army in the world is the American Deer Hunter Army.

I know it’s common to ridicule the idea that American citizens could ever stand up against the Feds and their military assets. Biden just reminded us that he has F-15s and nuclear weapons and that we’d better watch it. And, truly, there really wouldn’t be much of a challenge for US Special Forces to quickly drub and completely destroy your average US militia unit. Nor could our communities stand up to F-15s and nuclear bombs.

But there won’t be much of that in the sort of conflict we might soon see. If politics fail, and the Democrats are wasting no time in doing what is necessary to ensure the existence in America of a one-party state for . . . forever, then what? What gives Whites the best chance to take back their country? I have my own ideas, but I’d like to hear yours sometimes . . . but only in theory and conjecture. Remember, there are no more private conversations. But I suppose we are still free to discuss these sorts of things in predictive fashion. And I predict we’re going to see a 4Gen conflict, sooner or later.

My advice is to use your common sense, your intelligence, your experience, and your sense of commitment and find and get to know and trust some like-minded folks in your AO (Area of Operations). You don’t need a lot of people to effect some major changes. Sometimes, just a little leverage on the periphery can swing things completely out of control for the Establishment.

An example before I warp up. In 1919-21, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) conducted a successful field campaign with only some 200 poorly armed active volunteers against the entire British military presence in Ireland, which was substantial. The key was having support from the general populace, who provided everything from intelligence, to food and other material supplies, to safe houses. By conducting a successful campaign in the countryside, while Michael Collins and the Squad played hell with British officialdom in the capital of Dublin, the IRA sent packing from the current Irish Republic their ancient enemy. There is a lesson to be learned here. Check out Tom Barry’s Guerrilla Days in Ireland. It’s worth the read. I’ll continue these sorts of posts as things work themselves out. Stay alert and vigilant, mo chara.

Michael Hill, Killen, Alabama, July 2021