Some New Wine

We in The League of the South are keenly aware of the fundamental problems that face our people: corrupt politicians, judges, and bureaucrats; anti-Western and anti-Christian ideologies that promote multiculturalism, diversity, and “tolerance;” and a citizenry that is over-taxed, over-regulated, and over-governed and is told that all the things that befall Western civilization are caused by inevitable historical forces. No one is to blame; that’s just the way it is. In our opinion, however, things can be put right once we separate ourselves from those who have misgoverned us for their own benefit. To begin this necessary journey back to sanity and self government, we must promote the right of secession and reawaken in our fellow citizens the true patriotism (as opposed to state-induced jingoism) that naturally comes from living in real flesh-and-blood, historic communities and not in some artificial, bureaucratic new order. There is hope for us yet.

Indeed, there is hope because there is a paradigm shift taking place in America today. The ideas of secession and the independence of historic nations (peoples, really) are being seriously discussed, not merely by academics in the abstract but by the people themselves (and sometimes even their elected representatives). Maybe this genie has escaped her bottle for good.

For those of you who are shocked at the proposal of the States doing away with their dependence on Washington, DC, let me pose these questions to you: What does the US government do for you and your community that you couldn’t do better for yourself? Is the price you pay for what you receive from DC too high? Do politicians and bureaucrats in DC have your best interests in mind? And finally, what would it be like if tomorrow DC simply disappeared from our lives?

While all this is a novel idea to most people, the League has stood for the right and desirability of secession and Southern independence since its inception in 1994. We have never tried to mislead people about our true objective: a free and independent Southern republic. Yes, it is a hard and uncompromising position, and we understand that it is likely to shock those who have been programmed to think within the proverbial box. But we really and truly believe that a new paradigm is in order, a way of thinking outside the box that has been imposed on us to stifle all meaningful dissent and action.

Scripture tells us that you cannot put new wine in old wineskins. What we propose is indeed new wine for our tyrannical age. Thus, we see the first step as a withdrawal of our consent from the empire and its corrupt and corrupting institutions. The current regime, constructed by both political parties on the ruins of our ancient liberties, cannot be redeemed, and attempting to redeem it is truly the Lost Cause. Today, separation (peaceful, we hope) is the only answer, just as it was for the American colonists in 1776 and the people of the South in 1860-61. Tinkering with reforms is merely a waste of precious time and energy.

But the ideas of secession and independence from DC are distasteful to the regime and its supporters. The American ruling class hates the principles of American liberty because they simply do not trust the common people to manage their own affairs on the State and local levels. Moreover, they see the centralization of power (consolidation) as an opportunity to further their own lust for wealth and position. The League of the South opposes the anti-republican, totalitarian schemes of these elites.

The League is proud to take its stand beside such fashionable-as-of-late statesmen as Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and John C. Calhoun, among many others. Jefferson noted that the States are “the most competent administrations for our domestic concerns and the surest bulwarks against anti-republican tendencies.” The great Calhoun warned that “without a full practical recognition of the rights and sovereignty of the States, our union and liberty must perish.” And the great Henry understood the frailties and pitfalls of the post 1789 constitutional order and how the rights of the States would be imperiled with the passage of a watered-down Bill of Rights.

Because it adheres to the time-honored principles of Christian liberty, the League is reviled by the Establishment’s attack dogs. The fact that the ideas and principles of local self government are held in such contempt by today’s elites demonstrates that a thoroughgoing leftist social, cultural, and political revolution has carried the day in America. However, most of the “little people,” who have become subjects of the empire instead of free citizens, instinctively know that something is dreadfully wrong. They also are beginning to understand that the Republicans and Democrats are part of the problem, as are other Establishment-approved entities that siphon off the people’s money and energy to no good purpose. Uncompromising and hard-line organizations such as ours are there to give a voice of hope to the dispossessed majority in the South.

Michael Hill

Killen, Alabama