Some infomation on NOLA Mayor Mitch Landrieu

Devona Dolliole June 2017The League of the South opposed the removal of Confederate monuments in New Orleans by the Landrieu administration. Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who pushed hard for the monuments’ removal, seems to have a less than stellar moral reputation. Here is what The Hayride blog had to say about him in May 2017:

“A Hayride source with knowledge of Landrieu’s private life indicated to us yesterday that the mayor no longer lives at home and has moved in with his mistress, a former communications director for the mayor’s office named Devona Dolliole [see photo], and that Ms. Dolliole, who is black, has been a personal influence on Landrieu’s dogged efforts to remove the monuments.”

We have some other questions about the Landrieu-Dolliole liason: 1) Was Devona Dolliole once married to one Aaron Dunitz Greenstone, a Washington, DC, lawyer? 2) Is Greenstone, whose middle name reportedly is his mother’s maiden name, of Ukrainian Jew origin? 3) Is Devona Dolliole a descendant of Jean-Louis Dolliole, a free mulatto who was an architect in New Orleans in the 19th century? And 4) Did Jean-Louis Dolliole own slaves and/or use slave labor to build the houses he designed in NOLA?
We’re curious . . .
Michael Hill