Some hard questions . . .

SN flagSome hard questions for our Southern brothers and sisters, most of whom we presume are Christians:

Do you or members of your family intend to fight and die for a regime that has rejected the Christian faith and prohibits any display of it in the public square? If so, what does that say about you? If you were true to your faith, wouldn’t you instead be fighting against such a regime?

Michael Hill


  1. I have fought for this regime and quite frankly it sickens me to know that I have have the wool pulled over my eyes for so long. There are so many of our brethren who share our same sentiments but are brainwashed to believe that this America is still their America. Without us the armed forces would wither and die like a rotten fruit in the hot summer sun.

  2. Such a regime is not worth fighting or dying for, no sir, not at all, but is a Tyranny.

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