Sic semper tyrannis!

battleflOne hundred and fifty years ago today, Abraham Lincoln died at the hands of John Wilkes Booth. As Booth pulled the trigger in Ford’s Theatre, he is said to have shouted: “Sic semper tyrannis!” (Thus always to tyrants).

Many, including some Southerners, believe that Lincoln, had he lived, would have been lenient to the South during Reconstruction. The truth of the matter is that we will never know. But we do know this: Lincoln refused to allow the Southern States to leave the voluntary union of their Fathers and provoked a war against them that killed hundreds of thousands and left the South devastated for decades to come. He also destroyed the political order created by the Founders and set the stage for the all-encompassing Leviathan State under which all Americans (except the favored classes) suffer today.

Sic semper tyrannis, indeed! I will raise a glass today in celebration of the death of all tyrants, including Abe Lincoln, who have afflicted my people over the ages. And as you’re out and about across the South today, be on the lookout for signs–subtle and not-so-subtle–of our celebratory mood. May God save the South!

Michael Hill

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  1. The Confederate States of America was in point of fact an independent Nation brutally conquered by the Union, and in striking at Lincoln, Booth I feel was attempting to emulate the Judge Ehud in Holy Scripture (Judges 3:14-30) , who slew the tyrant who oppressed Israel, king Eglon of Moab, for 18 years. It was not an act of a vile ‘Brutus’, but by a wrathful Southern patriot, horrified and moved to his bold deed by the bloody slaughter of the War of Northern Aggression, caused by Lincoln and Lincoln alone. I will not judge Booth or his act; he is like all men, in God’s Hands.

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