Shelter in place?

jm-hill-lrgEvery time there is a shooting, or what is called so officiously these days “an active shooter situation,” you inevitably hear the phrase “shelter in place.” The first time I heard it, it grated my ears. I instinctively knew that it was not a good thing to “shelter in place.” Blame it on my Neanderthal upbringing and an excess of testosterone.

While it might be good advice some of the time for women and children to “shelter in place”–to hide and pray that the “active shooters” don’t find you before you are saved by “the authorities”–it is a terrible policy with which to saddle the men of your society.

To tell a man to “shelter in place” is to insist that he is incapable of serving in his natural role as Protector. Instead, he is instructed, along with the women and children he otherwise would be protecting, to cower in fear until those with the proper skills, equipment, and authority show up and save him. In other words, wait for the government to be your Protector.

Sadly, this “shelter in place” attitude has permeated most of Western culture. Our men are no longer fit to be warriors and frontiersmen like their ancestors. You see it on display in Europe, where the “men” stand by helplessly while their women are groped and raped by Muslims and Africans. These men are taking the “shelter in place” cue, waiting for their own governments to rescue the damsels in distress. But those very governments, of course, are responsible for creating the situation that made the attacks possible in the first place. So there is a double curse for “sheltering in place” white men.

Real men, the kind I believe still exist in parts of the South and other cultural “backwaters” of North America and Europe, do not “shelter in place.” Rather, they train (physically and mentally), equip themselves, and strike hard when “active shooters” (or their equivalents in the form of Muslim or African invaders) present themselves. In other words, they act like real men ought to act.

But make no mistake: modern “nanny state” governments do not like men who disobey the “shelter in place” order. It makes those governments look bad. And in many instances, it screws up their well-laid plans to destroy our civilization.

One of our mottoes in The League of the South is taken from the old Rhodesian Army recruitment poster: “Be a Man Among Men. Join The League of the South.” If I ever catch any male League member even thinking about “sheltering in place,” I’ll personally kick his sorry ass and throw him out of our organization.

Michael Hill

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Michael Hill

Dr Michael Hill is President of the League of the South. He is a retired university professor of history and author of two books on Celtic warfare.