Michael Hill a great day for Southern Nationalism 19 May 2014The League of the South has been a secessionist organization since its inception in June 1994. During the past quarter century we have not wavered from our belief that the South would be much better off ruling itself rather than being ruled from Washington, DC (and indirectly from New York City and Hollywood). Our statement of purpose is clear: “We seek to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well-bring and independence of the Southern people by all honorable means.”

Because Whites are being purposefully demonized and displaced in their traditional and transplant homelands of Europe, North America, southern Africa, and Australia/New Zealand, it is imperative, we believe, that the South be a racial/ethnic homeland for the Southern (White) people and those other White cousins whom we choose to let live among us. A people cannot survive without a place to live, and we are determined that the South be that place for us and our posterity.

To accomplish this, we have believed from the start that secession–the political separation of the historic South from the American Empire–was the first necessary step. Southerners, as a distinct people with a common history, language, blood, and culture, are different from other groups within the United States, and ought to be able to govern themselves according to their own standards, moral and otherwise. The only way this can be accomplished for the good of all involved is for the South–and by practical concerns all other historic regions of the current American polity–to go its own separate way through a legal secession.

After all these years of shouting this in the wilderness, our voice has finally been heard. Over the past couple of years, at least since Donald Trump was elected in 2016, liberal States such as California (as well as certain Sanctuary cities) have been touting the virtues of secession. Others of various political persuasions have begun to see it as inevitable, bearing in mind the seemingly unbridgeable chasm that exists between nationalists and globalists and their respective worldviews. For instance, see the linked article below:

We are obviously happy that the rest of America has finally come to see what we have been advocating for the past 25 years. It is gratifying to finally see your labor begin to bear good fruit. Let the divorce began, and may all sides be free to go their own way and live according to their own standards. That is what it will take to keep peace and avoid what likely would be an ugly civil conflict should we all be forced to stay together in a union that does not now benefit anyone other than a small group of elites that is picking its carcass clean.

Michael Hill