San Bernardino is just the latest . . .

jm-hill-lrgWe in The League of the South speak for the Southern nationalist white man. He has no other voice.

If there was ever any doubt that the “white man” is the enemy of The Establishment, the left’s reaction to the recent spate of shootings ought to erase it. In the worst way, they want all shooters to be white men, and preferably Christian, straight, gun-owning, and Southern. This fits the left’s stereotype of evil incarnate. Dylann Roof was a Godsend to the left. They did not let that crisis “go to waste.”

But for every Dylann Roof, there are numerous cases like the recent ones in San Bernardino and New Orleans, in which the shooters were Muslims and blacks, respectively. When the murderers are non-white and non-Christian, we are told not to judge an entire group according to the actions of a few. But when the perpetrator is a white man (and not an anti-white white–they get a pass), all whites are demonized and the left clamors to take away our guns.

But the fact is that dark-skinned people–black, mestizos, and now Muslims–are the ones shooting up and destroying our civilization. If you removed this element from the US, our violent crime statistics would be on a par with Belgium and Denmark. But to acknowledge this simple truth is considered “racist.” Well so be it. Truth is truth.

There is no denying the fact that whites are blamed and non-whites given a pass. The truth of it has been demonstrated over and over. Why is it so? Why are normal Southern white men–and the white women who love and support them–cast as the enemy by The Establishment? To be honest, I don’t know the answers to this question. I could speculate but that would be . . . mere speculation. So I’ll simply acknowledge the facts and move on.

And here’s what I’ll move on to say. You may continue to demonize us in your media, schools, and popular culture. You may continue to use the system to deprive us of our rights, our means of making a living, and even our lands themselves. You may continue the threat to disarm us and render us vulnerable to your diabolical schemes to displace and destroy us. But understand this: you are merely storing up our wrath for the day it will be unleashed against you and all who support you.

Here is what we will do. We will get control of our streets; we will get control of our Southern border and stop non-white immigration; and we will refuse to accept Islam in our midst in any form or fashion. And will continue to arm ourselves in the manner and to the degree that we think necessary to preserve our Folk and our lands. To us, these are matters of survival.

You self-proclaimed “Progressives” are right to fear us and our hatred, for we do hate those things which our God teaches us to hate. And that begins with a deep, holy hatred of the evil you perpetuate in the name of your godless ideologies.

We created the world’s greatest civilizations by overcoming both natural and man-made obstacles. We shall not sit idle while you destroy them and us in the process. So be warned that your corrupt ideas and actions will have consequences for you . . . dire consequences.

So, Progressives, the choice is yours. Back off and deal in truth or keep on pushing your lies. But remember this: the harder you push against us, the harder the push-back will be when it comes. And, if you continue down the path you are on presently, it is coming . . . and very soon.

Michael Hill