Resistance to Tyranny: The Last Option

Besides personal government–controlling yourself by means of your mind, heart, and conscience–there are three other biblical forms of government recognized historically as legitimate in Christendom: 1) civil government; 2) ecclesiastical government; and 3) family government.

According to many esteemed theologians and scholars who have examined the broad question of legitimate resistance to tyranny, that resistance should, if possible, be organized and led by the lesser magistrates of the civil government. For instance, in our own situation today in the USA, if the power of Washington, DC, were to be challenged, it would be most proper for that challenge to be led by a State Governor or some other local elected magistrate. In lieu of that, it should be led by an ecclesiastical figure.

Most analyses I have read stop at that point. This gives the overall impression that if there is no State or local elected official or pastor/priest to lead the people against a tyrannical government, then no legitimate resistance may be offered. But I beg to differ.

God has not given us three distinct types of government for us to use only two of them in resisting exploitation, dispossession, and even death. When the first two are either in control of the tyrannical power themselves, or they fear to challenge it, then it devolves onto the third type–family government–to provide the necessary leadership for a resistance.

In practicality, this means that heads of households–men–bring their families together in league to resist illegitimate, ungodly power. And that is exactly what we are doing in The League of the South.

For the past quarter century, we have tried to persuade the lesser magistrates across the South of their duty to serve the people of their towns, cities, counties/parishes, and States against the encroaching power of an illicit regime. We have also appealed to the ecclesiastical authorities. But our call for help has been largely ignored. Therefore, we must fall back on the third option and act as men who represent our families. We have no other choice.

May the God of our Fathers give us the means to win this fight by opening the eyes and ears of our people and bringing them onto the field of battle to assist those of us who are already here fighting for a future for ourselves and our posterity.–Michael Hill