Rally for the State Flag in Mississippi

The following is a report from Mississippi LS member Jeremy Walls:

We arrived at the Ole Miss campus & I knew immediately there would be some problems with the crowd. Plenty of self-loathing whites were present along with the usual smattering of minorities. I couldn’t help but wonder how many of these kids were from out of State and how many were residents. There seemed to be about 100 on the side for the removal of the flag. I chose to take some local friends, and we hoped to draw a good deal of media attention. Right away the crowd surrounded us and began chanting “black power, black power!” along with the familiar “black lives matter.” After about 10 minutes the campus police and the Sheriff’s department asked us to move to a common area, which with an escort we proceeded to do. In predictable fashion, the anti-flag demonstration moved to the area designated as a “free speech area.” About half an hour went by and the crowd began to swell, as did the police presence. Interesting enough several black students began to post insults on the Mississippi League Facebook page, showing that we are indeed being watched by the Marxist forces in the area. The media attempted several times to conduct interviews with us, however each time local law enforcement officials stepped in to silence the message. Eventually some official from the university made an appearance after about an hour and a half had passed. This individual, a black man, wasted no time making it known that he wanted us gone, so after a few more minutes the campus security asked us to wrap it up & leave the campus. We obliged and began to pack up. As we left with women and children the crowd followed & it’s my belief that had the law enforcement not already called for back-up, at that point we would most definitely have been attacked. Afterwards we spent a little time riding around the square, flying our flags, and then parked for a while in order to have a little communion. One thing is clear: Marxism is alive in Mississippi. We have much work to do here if we hope to hold the line in our fight for our ancestral homeland.


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