Protest the Federal Reserve in Florida

Southern Nationalist Chris Cedeno protested the Federal Reserve down in Miami. Here are his words below:


Despite what everyone is calling a victory against the globalist elite with the election of President Donald Trump, the reality of the situation is that our fight has only just begun and we are no where near victory; why you might ask? We are still under the control of the cabal of central banks which are orchestrating the genocide of western civilization in the shadows, knowing this I decided to directly address the problem by sending the agents of (((those people))) an eviction notice: Feds Out Of Florida. Yes, I want them and the government that they control to leave my country of Florida and let her economy, politics and all of her people’s affairs a lone to govern themselves free of their insidious agenda of white genocide and one world government, an agenda which won’t stop until we stop it through the act of secession from the US empire. Trump is only prolonging the inevitable completion of the cabals agenda and only through the act of secession can we truly bring it to a grinding halt, now that we have some time for recovery and reprieve I took a stand against the real problem, and I had an excellent time doing so. God save the South.