Pride month?

We hear that someone, somewhere, has designated June as Pride Month in the LGBTQXYandZ movement. And the pathetic thing about this is that many Americans go right along with it as if sexual perversions and gender confusions were just everyday things rather than something our Creator has condemned by both word and deed. The Bible calls homosexuality an “abomination” and the mighty Lord of Hosts actually destroyed the cities of the plain–Sodom and Gomorrah–for the sin of sodomy.

The League of the South condemns the hijacking of the first month of summer, a time when our world is blooming forth in all its beauty and fruitfulness, to celebrate and publicize acts and morality (actually, immorality) that produce death and not life, destruction and not the advancement of ordered civilization itself. Indeed, one of the telltale hallmarks of a civilization in dramatic decline is the elevation of death, destruction, and darkness over life, prosperity, and light. To take something that is shameful and make it a source of pride is a perfect illustration of the satanic principle of inversion: calling good evil and evil good.

That America takes a month to celebrate Pride Month is yet one more reason why traditional, Christian Southerners ought to take their respective states out of this decaying “union” and restore a nation-state more favorable to their interests and worldview. The South, as the last and strongest bastion of what we once called Christendom, will never bend the knee to what our God has unequivocally called evil. And for this stand, we will face the slings and arrows of our enemies, they who seek our destruction, body, soul, and mind. May God glorify His name through our efforts against His foes.

Michael Hill, Killen, Alabama