On Afghanistan and refugees

The League of the South is glad to see the last Southerner leave that Godforsaken “Graveyard of Empires,” otherwise known as Afghanistan. As far back as the days of Alexander the Great, this piece of hell in western Asia has proven unconquerable by everyone who has tried: the Macedonian Greeks, the British, the Soviets, and most recently the USA “Rainbow” Empire. Every president from Biden back to Bush, Jr., and all their advisers, bear the blame and the shame for America’s 20-year misadventure. Especially the Bush Crime Family, who got us in this quagmire to begin with.

The League cautioned Southerners two decades ago about giving their support (blood and treasure, as well as their consent) to this farcical martial lark. Some made out rich and others died or were severely disfigured for life. This was no fight for “freedom and democracy.” It appears more and more like it was a hustle for resources by the “capitalists” and a lab for leftist social experimentation. We ought to understand now that the Afghan people prefer their own satanic Islamic “culture” to some Western perversity. They would rather be ruled by their own–the Taliban–rather than by DC politicians and NYC bankers. At least they understand their own.

Let Afghanistan alone to solve its own myriad problems, about most of which Western analysts have not the faintest clue. That said, The League opposes the re-settlement of any Afghan refugees in Dixie. As with “refugees” from other Middle Eastern countries, these Afghans who are already loading up to head West are fighting age young men intent on Jihad. No women, children, or old men are to be seen. If we allow it, it will be simply the next stage in our ongoing demographic replacement as Southerners. We must oppose this, as well as every other action that threatens our lives, liberty, and property, with determination and courage. If we are to be saved, we must do it ourselves.

The League is open to those Southerners (and White allies elsewhere) who wish to band together to make a stand for the preservation and advancement of our people and our civilization.

Michael Hill, Killen, AL

18 August 2021