Observations from Dixie Anon

As we roll further into 2021, we see the Biden administration doing exactly what many of us knew they would. Biden has quickly come down to licking the boots of his progressive woke urban voters, quickly abandoning his handful of hoodwinked moderate, working class people who supported him last year based on economics. Biden is a Trojan horse though, in truth replaceable by any political hack, so I don’t attend to dwell on the old bag of bones. The real issue is what should we do now? 

For starters, we should consider that many conservatives and populists have come to openly support or at least consider independence. Our message of independence is now being tumbled around such that the media is being forced to address it by fear mongering. This is seen in Texas where multiple statesmen have a secession bill pending (HB 1359). We see “normal people” who prior were standard GOP voters coming out very strong in support of this. If the bill passes it will allow for a direct referendum on secession much like the one that happened in Scotland and Catalonia. This passage, I believe, will end with a vote for independence. While a long shot, it is certainly a possibility as Biden builds up a federal police state in Washington on par with Communist China’s. 

We should take note that the political ground has shifted among conservatives. Romney, Bush and McConnell are now all pariahs in their own party. Openly they are bashed as traitors and neocons. The general public has caught up to the message the League doubled down on in the 2000s. Likewise, corporations are seen as the enemy; they are indeed such. In many ways the average working class Southerner is more receptive than ever to our message. Why does this matter? I would say our message of Southern Nationalism has the perfect audience and reception. Texas proves as such as we see another independence movement, the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), push for secession.

Our victory of a free and independent Dixie rests in our ability to double down on our enemy’s weaknesses while not allowing ours to be hit. We should do everything in our power to call out the federal government as corrupt, vile, and ineffective at anything other than committing crimes against liberty. We should remain in our areas of strength–rural Dixie, aka Trump country–and build up small communities of Southern Nationalists rather than seek a return to the urban enemy controlled hellholes like Charlottesville and Atlanta. Our message hasn’t changed despite what liars may say. The federal government won’t be reformed. 

Furthermore, we must dismiss as laughable the idea that Trump can make a comeback in 2024. By that time he will be Biden’s age now. He’s already isolated himself by his failure prior. It’s funny in that way that people will say that our proscriptions for the South are unworkable, while at the same time talking up a man who let the Democrats pull him out of power without a fight. Trump isn’t coming back. He let them steal the election from him and just walked away, promising to return stronger than before! The Democrats are already working on granting Puerto Rico and D.C statehood. Furthermore, if they can beat Trump while out of power then why would they not be able to cheat him while in power? Trump may have his solid base still in position but that isn’t enough to beat the massive Democrat city machines. Instead, he’d waste another four years giving tax cuts, granting justice reform, and more loot to Israel if reelected. His record is clear: he’s a failure for the very people who actually put him in office. As the idea of other populists seizing the day in the 2024 election, that too is a joke.  Democrats will not give up power and neither will their plutocratic controllers. Our only way to victory is independence. Don’t let people trick you into thinking Democrats will merely leave Washington like Trump did. Washington D.C is and was always in their hands but this time they will not pretend to let go. There will be no more meaningful elections.

There is one last final thing we of the League should make clear. That thing is this knee jerked fear egged on by the scalawag urban press that the sky will fall if we secede. No, China and Russia are not going to begin parachuting into your neighborhood the very second America’s forced Union dissolves. If Europe didn’t conquer America in  1861, why would two powers already on the rise suddenly do so when they know the United States owns nukes? I hate having to go over these wild scenarios but many good people take them as serious reasons why “we can’t secede.” I also don’t think the federal government will suddenly begin dropping nukes when Texas secedes. Biden’s government may be bold now with it’s army of federal agents but it’s a totally different matter when you have a state vote on secession thus giving a new nation respectability. This would mean that you’d have a standing army and other paramilitaries who could retreat into a safe zone that doesn’t currently exist in the Empire. Take, per say, if Texas votes to secede this year or next. Biden and the Swamp would cry and stomp their feet in anger but a military invasion of an independent Texas wouldn’t end well for them. For the same reason the Japanese never invaded America neither would Biden declare war on Texas. The policy would be trying economically to destroy Texas through the usual tricks used on nations despised by the empire’s ruling class. Texas can handle that. Dixie can handle that. Heck, already they seek to shutdown our economies and raise the price of meat. Mark my words. If Biden is foolish enough to actually launch a military adventure on Texas it will be the end of the empire. I do not mean this as some edgy threat but as a fact. If Texas secedes it will be the first shot of secession across the South. We of the League should be ready for that and to facilitate secession in the other Southern states. Free Dixie.

Dixie Anon