No one asked . . .

LS button image July 2014No one asked the Germans if they wanted their country overrun by Turks. No one asked either the French or the English if they wanted their countries flooded with Muslims. No one asked Americans if they wanted their country inundated with Mexicans.

No one asked, indeed.

So what are we to make of this? I believe there is only one explanation. The governing and cultural elites–largely anti-white white Gentiles and Jews–took the liberty of making this decision for the Germans, French, English, Americans, and other white nations. In doing so, they are in the process of destroying those historic nations and their ancient civilizations.

Why did the governing and cultural elites do this? I think because of a deep-seated hatred of white, Western Christian civilization on the part of some, especially organized Jewry. Also, it seems that there is a large element of White Guilt at play as well, especially among white Gentiles. And some are out for mere wealth and power. But whatever the reasons, one thing is clear: they have committed an act of war against the white nations of the world.

I pray I live to see the day when the Germans, French, English, Americans–especially my Southern brothers and sisters–and all other whites who have been so grievously assailed, rise up and destroy the vermin who have betrayed them and their respective nations.

Nothing less than our survival as a people is at stake. May the God of our Fathers give us the wisdom, courage, and wherewithal to rid ourselves of this scourge.

The fundamental goal of The League of the South is the survival of our people. Thus, we shall give high priority to ridding our land of the current progressive, multicultural plague that infects it.

Michael Hill