No jihad in Dixie

Third national no safe spaces here Nov 2015The League of the South applauds and supports the various Southern (and other) governors who have used their executive authority to block the entry of Muslim “refugees” into their States. This is how the lesser magistrate ought to act in defense of their citizens when faced with a criminal federal government. And make no mistake about it, the US government is, and long has been, an organized criminal enterprise.

We have been warning about the dangers of Islam now for well over a decade. In 2013 we held “No jihad in Tennessee” demonstrations in Murfreesboro (which has a mosque) and Shelbyville (which has a Tyson chicken plant). We warned the good people of Tennessee that the influx of Muslims, supported by many of the State’s Establishment politicians, would lead to danger and potential tragedy, which it did earlier this year in Chattanooga. The further settlement of Muslim “refugees” into the South will again lead to murder and mayhem, mark our words!

As long as our lesser magistrates give us proper leadership to protect our people and lands from these rabid invaders, we Southern nationalists will gladly support them in any helpful manner. But if they betray us by knuckling under to pressure from Obama and the feds, then we and our fellow Southerners will have no moral and practical choice but to defend ourselves as best we can. There is little doubt that after the recent massacre in Paris that the same will happen here if radical Muslims are allowed entry into our lands. No one will be safe; everyone will be in real danger everyday. This is not paranoia. It is fact.

The right of self preservation is a fundamental law of God and of nature. It would be the height of immorality to force a man by either law or the exercise of raw power to stand idle in the face of a threat to his life. Therefore, from this moment forward, the forced settlement of Muslims–from Syria and/or elsewhere–in the South by the US government or any of its agents ought to be seen as an act of war against the Southern people, and those perpetrating that settlement ought to be seen as traitors.

Michael Hill

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Michael Hill

Dr Michael Hill is President of the League of the South. He is a retired university professor of history and author of two books on Celtic warfare.