No fear

Stacy's House - 1I spoke earlier today to an older fellow who lives in Spartanburg, South Carolina. His neighborhood over the years has deteriorated and is now majority black. Nonetheless, this gentleman flies a large number of Confederate flags from his house (see photo at right) without fear.

Yes, I said “without fear.” That probably seems a reasonable qualifier to most people today. But when you really stop and think about it, it is scandalous. Here, in the South, white people are now afraid for their property, their jobs, and even their lives if they show the flags of their ancestors. Let that sink in for a minute.

Only a half century ago, the fathers and grandfathers of today’s Southerners flew those flags as a matter of fact. And what “fact” was that? The fact that they controlled the South and that outsiders could go to hell if they didn’t like it. The “civil rights” movement and the invasion of the South by the Justice Department and the US Army did not scare these Southern men and thus cause them to live in fear of being attacked because they showed the Southern flags.

But a half century of Cultural Marxist agitprop, pushed through the schools, popular culture, and government mandates, has made Southerners fear the consequences of standing up for their rights and culture in the public square that their recent forebears dominated. There are even old Southern towns wherein the white minority, flying battle flags or not, is now being subjected to violence and property crimes reminiscent of black-on-white criminal activity in Rhodesia and South Africa.

How could a majority in Dixie–white Southerners–have allowed this to happen? Fear is one reason. The left has long had the power of the feds behind them, and now they have the power of State and local governments as well. Opportunism is another. The Southern business community–the Chamber of Commerce South–sold out to the almighty dollar long ago. And the Southern upper classes saw the hand writing on the wall and threw their considerable influence and wealth on the side of “progress.” That left the average Southerner to stand alone in defense of himself and his traditional culture. And he did stand, not very effectively against such odds, but he did stand.

Now, in the last few weeks, he is standing even taller against the assault by the Cultural Marxists. And he is bringing reinforcements to the field of battle to destroy this sordid campaign of cultural genocide against Dixie. But he needs direction, encouragement, organization, and resources if his efforts are going to be more than a flash-in-the-pan “heritage” victory. This is where The League of the South comes in. We must reach every Southerner who is a serious candidate to become a Southern nationalist. They have been energized; it is our job to make them into life-long soldiers of the Southern resistance who will show no fear in the face of our enemies.

Michael Hill