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Michael Hill’s interview with Richard Spencer


Miscellaneous thoughts

No man is morally obliged to sit idle while his liberty and prosperity are stolen and his people dispossessed under the color of law. In truth, virtue calls upon him


Rebellion Blog

Y’all check out Old Rebel over at Rebellion Blog. One of the best in the business.


The right cause . . .

The right cause brings forth the right enemies.–Michael Hill


We are the resistance!

As another year fades away, The League of the South stands as the only organized Southern resistance to the on-going tyranny of the Progressives. Both major political parties are corrupt


The League of the South takes its Southern nationalist message to Moscow

Dr. Michael Hill, President of The League of the South, spoke (by Skype) at the Anti-Globalist Movement’s international conference in Moscow (Russian Federation) on Saturday, 13 December. The main theme

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Why do you hate America?

Occasionally, folks who read my pro-secession, pro-Southern independence essays and articles and hear my speeches will send me a private query that can properly be summed up as such: “Why


The proper response to tyranny

(Note: This article was written several months ago and posted here in July; however, I am posting it again in advance of Emperor Obama’s unilateral declaration of amnesty, which is


The GOP victory at the polls

A word on the GOP victory at the polls The GOP has no excuses now that they control both houses of Congress. Once their new majorities are seated, they can


On blood, death, and dying

At my Uncle Sam’s place in rural Monroe County, Mississippi, I witnessed my first hog killin’. It was on a cold day in January and I was about eight or