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Dr. Kevin MacDonald speaks

Dr. Kevin MacDonald is a frequent speaker at League of the South conferences.


A review of A Walk in the Park: My Charlottesville Story, by Padraig Martin

A review of A Walk in the Park: My Charlottesville Story, by Padraig Martin Charlottesville was a watershed event in American political history, a necessary precursor to the shameful J6


Free Magnolia deal

As mentioned a few days ago, the new issue of The Free Magnolia is in the national office. I’m so anxious to get this issue distributed that I’m offering 100

Message from Dr. Hill

Message from Dr. Michael Hill 8/30/22

Are You Ready? Those who have supported the more than half century of revolution that has virtually destroyed the foundations of the West are the avowed enemies of those of


Eastern Kentucky Relief Fund

As you probably know, eastern Kentucky was hit recently by massive flooding. This is an overwhelmingly poor, rural, White working class area. These are our people, and we owe them

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God Given Rights Not Up For Debate

Our God given rights aren’t up for debate here in the South! It is no shock that the anti-gun rhetoric is amping up just before the mid-term elections; it happens


Don’t ask yourself why children may want to be around drag queens, ask yourself why drag queens insist on being around our children.

It is time to drag the “queens” off stage. In fact, it is simply bad acting and they should be cancelled immediately! Leave it to someone from Washington, DC to

Georgia Articles

Crushing Atlanta City Birds

For the past 30 years Georgia has been becoming less and less Southern. This is a fact that is backed by the last census with Georgia currently being 57% White


Agenda for 2022 League of the South National Conference

2-4 June in Lake City, Florida Master of Ceremonies: Mr. Rick Tyler Theme: “Real Life Activism in the Nationalist Movement” Thursday, 2 June LS Board, Staff, and State Chairman meeting


Speakers for the 2022 League national conference

As of today, the following have agreed to speak at the 2022 League of the South national conference in Lake City, Florida, on the weekend of 3-4 June: Sam Dickson,