New Orleans and raw power

Me at national conference 2 July 2015The New Orleans city council voted 6-1 to remove four Confederate Monuments from Lee Circle (Lee, Beauregard, and Davis) and Liberty Place (which commemorated the White League defeating Reconstruction in the city in the 1860s and 1870s). I had the privilege to speak at both Lee Circle and Liberty Place back in the 1990s, so this is a bit of a personal matter to me.

The League of the South is not a “heritage organization” such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We are a Southern nationalist secessionist movement that seeks a free and independent South. But the assault against Confederate monuments in New Orleans and elsewhere is about much more than just heritage. It is about power. Specifically, it is about who has the power to destroy the other’s culture, represented in this case by these Confederate memorials.

New Orleans has not been called “Chocolate City” for nothing. Built by white Europeans and Southerners, the city once known for its high (if at times rather tawdry) civilization has been degraded to ghetto status for the most part under black and leftist rule. By removing monuments erected by and to the accomplishments of white people, the black leadership of New Orleans is flexing its political muscle. This is about sticking it to whitey.

But two can play this game. The League calls upon all white Southerners who care about their civilization to contact their municipal and county officials with demands (polite but firm) to remove all things named for or celebrating “civil rights” figures such as Martin Luther (aka Michael) King, Jr. You, Mr. and Mrs. white Southerner, can be offended, too! You can make demands of your politicians! You can raise a fuss and holler and threaten to take to the streets or conduct a local boycott! Use your imagination. Get creative. Do something! Don’t sit idly by and let this happen in your town or city. Take the offensive! You have power, if you will use it.

And a final piece of advice: don’t worry if the opposition calls you “racist.” It’s just a word that the left uses to paralyze you in fear and keep you from acting against them. Just smile and ignore it. This is their greatest fear: that you will have no fear of them and will rise in great numbers to oppose their wicked agenda. Let’s put the fear of God into them!

Michael Hill