1. Oh. please, please, please, please, GO. You do realize that the land belongs to the Feds, so y’all will have to move to Mexico (I’m sure the Mexicans will welcome you with open arms even though you hate their guts).

  2. If a yankee may say so, well done Sir!
    By the way, I came upon dixienet a few years ago & you folks have really educated me! I now read old rebel’s blog most every day & I’ve read a few books telling the truth about Lincoln & the War. The most recent being “Why Lincoln chose War”; very eye opening!

  3. Thank you, Sir, for persisting with the sign issue. To be brusque about it ; I would not care if I disagreed with you on 99 of 100 issues, and, conversely, you hated every part of me ; but, the way you just keep at it, no matter what, Sir, is a great inspiration to me. They ought model a new generation ‘Energizer’ battery from your spirit DNA. Thank you, again.

  4. Excellent! Well done, and hats off to the brave company that’s standing with ya!

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