New day, new ballgame

battleflA couple of League members (husband and wife) just returned from a trip “up north.” Specifically, they traveled to several mid-western states. Their automobile carried several pro-South and Confederate flag stickers.

So, how were they treated by the folks they encountered? Like royalty! They could have sold several hundred battle flags to northerners who had no access to them. There were smiles, handshakes, and back-patting all around!

I have received over the past two decades a good many letters, phone calls, emails, and social media messages with this general tone: “You damned Southerners lost the first time and we’ll come down there and kick your ass and finish the job for good this time.” At first, I thought this was the attitude of most northerners, but as time went by I found it to be the opinion of a very small, but vocal, minority of what can be called “true yankees.” All the rest “up north” were just good, plain folks with funny accents (or no accents at all)!

I say all that to say this: the North v. South divide of 150-plus years ago, though there are still vestiges of it, especially in New England’s attitude toward the South (and really everyone else but themselves), is virtually gone. Today, the divide in America is based more on the rural v. urban, traditionalist v. progressive, Christian v. anti-Christian, white v. black paradigms. It is about attitude, ethnicity, and worldview more than mere geography. Tribe more than latitude.

Yes, the South is still a distinct place with a distinct people, but when conflict comes, the two sides of it likely will be arranged in some surprising ways. Let’s examine this.

The Confederate battle flag, and all it represents, is closer to common working white folks, no matter their geographical location, than are the symbols of a regime that promotes perversity and despises the Christian faith and the traditional family. That salient fact is much clearer today than it was just two weeks ago!

The alliance of the ruling elite, urban anti-white whites, and the black and brown underclass is being quickly unmasked for what it is: the nemesis of all that was once healthy and good on the North American continent. It is not hyperbole to say that the regime–Democrat or Republican–this alliance controls is a criminal enterprise hiding behind the color of the law. And they are not even trying to deny it.

The League in recent times has drawn the attention of these lawless and immoral elements. No, we have not been “raided” by some alphabet agency. But we have been ridiculed and castigated in all sorts of media. Moreover, we get lots of communications from the regime’s rank-and-file orcs, and in all honesty, the nastiest phone calls and other negative comments come from the young of various regions, including the South (and especially from her decaying urban centers). And these are overwhelmingly white callers. The most annoying are the whiny-tongued male hipsters who want to demonstrate their superior intellect and female feminists who want to show off their gutter mouths and cojones. Occasionally, I’ll get a call from a black male or female with a three word vocabulary (at least from what I’m able to decipher from “Jive”) that goes “redneck mother-f___er!”

So, gauging from these personal experiences of two decades as well as the overall strategic picture, the next conflict–whenever it shall be–will be much more confused than the one that ended 150 years ago. It won’t be divided by easily-delineated cartographic boundaries. Therefore, I just laugh at those truly backward progressives who think that the South today is destined to share the same fate as Lee’s army at Appomattox. Sorry children, but it’s a new day and a new ballgame. Southerners may whistle Dixie, but we won’t be the only ones.

Michael Hill