Multiple rallies held on Lee/Jackson weekend

Folks all across Dixie had rallies to celebrate Lee/Jackson weekend.  In Virginia a large Battle flag was raised over Rt 60 by the Virginia Flaggers. Then, along with other heritage groups and Southern Nationalists visited the grave of Stonewall Jackson.


In North Carolina another rally took place. The following account was written by Mrs Amanda Swart:

Today Mark and I attended a protest at the Raleigh State Capitol Building against Muslim immigration. There were about forty people in attendance and the speeches were the usual heritage not hate flavour, with some “let’s show them the people of North Carolina won’t take this anymore” and “so y’all need to get out there and vote” mixed in. We attended to give visibility to the League and hand out Free Magnolias, which we did to nearly everyone there. A few things worthy of note: we heard from several people that in order to go inside to use the restrooms, we were supposed to leave the flags outside and go straight to the restroom and then leave the building immediately afterwards. I guess carrying a CBF forfeits the privilege of wandering around the halls admiring the plaques and artwork. Second, the last speaker was an Arab man who had converted to Christianity from Islam at fifteen and had the scars on his body to prove it, and told us that without a doubt we did not want those people here. The irony of such a person speaking at an anti-Muslim immigration rally was immediately evident. He said that he had come to this country and done everything legally and it made him mad that all these “refugees” were being brought in and given everything on a silver platter. He said that there is a huge mosque being built on his street and he contacted his representatives, both local and state, to complain about it and never could get anyone to listen to him. He said that the local TV station has him blocked from its FB page because whenever there was a story or comment that painted Islam in a favourable light (of which of course there were numerous ones), he always countered by posting direct quotations from the Koran that contradicted them. Also, after the speakers were done everyone started walking around the Capitol building with their flags and someone with a hoodie over his head began to pace them on the other side of the street, demanding repeatedly in a very loud and belligerent tone: “DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT FLAG STANDS FOR????? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT FLAG STANDS FOR???” The irony of the situation was that every person carrying a flag knew far better than he did exactly what that flag does stand for.


In Georgia folks rallied around the flag. The following account is written by Mr Jules Corne:

Around 300 people attended a Robert E Lee Birthday and Parade event today in Milledgeville, Ga. It was attended by fellow League members and family. We distributed Free Magnolias and talked with fellow like minded Southerners. The parade route started at the Old Capitol Building of the Georgia Confederacy and ended several blocks up to a Cathedral at Ga Military College were keynote speaker John Weaver gave talk on Lee as a Christian and Southern Patriot. After speech a 21 gun salute was performed, with canon fire. It was truly a blessed day and Free the South!


In Florida, folks rallied at the old state house in Tallahassee in protest of upcoming bills HB234/SB154. Which would make it illegal to fly a Confederate flag on public property. Fifty League members, along with some SCV folks, lined up along the street with flags and signs in hand. Most responses were positive. A small counter protest formed on the other side of the street. Their message was “freedom & justice for all”. But not if you’re proud of the South apparently. The rally went until 2pm. A group photo was taken on the capital steps & ‘Dixie’ was sang. Truly a busy and productive day for Dixie and Southern Nationalism.