LS Statement on White nationalism

LS button image July 2014The US House Judiciary Committee, headed by Jerry Nadler (D, NY) will open hearings tomorrow, 9 April, on the “dangers” posed by White nationalism. Moreover, on 28 March, Eliot Engel (D, NY), Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, wrote to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, asking that the US State Department take an active role in combating White nationalism on an international scale.

White nationalism will doubtless be interpreted by these people as anything Whites do to actively (and perhaps passively) resist their own displacement in the countries founded by their ancestors. To us, White nationalism–and our branch of it, Southern nationalism–is a natural and necessary response to Jewish Supremacism, Black Supremacism, Latino Supremacism, and other forms of the same ideology that openly call for the displacement of Whites and the destruction of our civilization.

We must first make our voices heard in protest of these attempts to criminalize lawful and moral White dissent. We must let it be known that we shall dare to defend our rights and perform our duties to our people and civilization. We will not stand idle while our moral actions to defend ourselves under the ancient law of salus populi are outlawed. No man or woman deserving to be called free would ever consent to such a thing.

Moreover, we must redouble our efforts to alert and organize our people against this open and blatant attempt by the enemies of our freedoms to prevent us from standing in defense of all that our Founders (who themselves would fit the current definition of “White nationalists”) bequeathed us, especially this fair land.

As an organization, The League of the South has obeyed the laws of this land for a quarter century, and we will not stand by and allow ourselves to be marginalized, much less accused of criminality, in defense of our God-given blessings as Southerners in particular and as White Men and Women in general. Any attempt to twist and pervert the law to diminish us and our standing will be viewed as a hostile act meant to destroy us. That we shall not permit.

Michael Hill