Long live the Yellow Vests!

Yellow Vests at Arc in Paris Dec. 2018The League of the South, the premier Southern nationalist organization, gives its support to the Yellow Vest movement in France and other areas of Europe as long as it is representative of the White working- and middle-class. The Yellow Vests stand as nationalists in opposition to the globalist Macron government (as well as others). As nationalists ourselves, we in The League pledge our support for and solidarity with all who stand for our people and civilization and against the globalist cabal that seeks to destroy all real, organic societies in the West. At present, that force is being best expressed in the streets of Paris and other European towns and cities by those who have donned the gillets jaune (yellow jackets or vests).

We hope that a genuine right-wing populist movement sweeps across the West (including the US and Canada) and drives the globalists into the sea where they belong. How long will it be until we see men and women in yellow vests flying various nationalist flags take to the streets here in Dixie in support of our brothers and sisters across the Atlantic? I pray it will be sooner rather than later.

We encourage the organized Hard Right in Europe to support the Yellow Vests and give them the local and national leadership necessary to make this movement successful. We also encourage Southern/White nationalists and right-wing populists of all stripes here in North America to expand the action in our own towns and cites. We work and pay taxes. These are our streets!

May evil men among us fear to place their heads upon their pillows, and may their sleep be plagued with nightmares of the most frightful bĂȘte noire. And may a righteous, redeeming fire sweep across our lands, purifying them of the traitorous villains that now inhabit the halls of power. Paris is already burning. Hail victory!

Michael Hill