London experiences the joys of “die-versity”

London enjoys Dieversity Mar 2017Today, there was a Muslim terrorist attack near the Parliament building in London, England. Thus far, three people have been reported killed (including one policeman) and about twenty injured, some severely. The perpetrator, a radical Islamic “cleric” and supporter of the Caliphate, was killed by law enforcement after driving his automobile into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and then fatally stabbing a police officer on the grounds of Parliament.

As Christians and Southerners, we grieve for our kinsmen in Britain who have suffered from this attack (and many others like it). We pray for the families who have suffered loss.

At the same time, it is hard to resist saying something like this to the British “authorities” who are responsible for the immigration policy that permitted this murderer to be in London in the first place: “You are traitors who deserve to be tried, convicted, and hanged for the crime of subverting your own people and country.” Unfortunately, Britain is not the only European country to be harboring such traitors. We pray to the Lord for justice.

Indeed, it is past time that the nationalist revolution taking hold in the West administered hard justice to the political scoundrels in their midst and banished the dark-skinned Third World hordes that are destroying what remains of Christendom. It is nationalism that will save Europe–and America–and nothing else short of a direct miracle from God himself.

A good place, in our opinion, for the Brits to start would be to get rid of Londonistan Mayor Sadiq Khan (yes, you read it correctly!) Then there’s the BBC, and then all those treacherous MPs and Lords, and then . . .

If things don’t change drastically, looking ahead to the year 2050, we might hear an Englishman proclaim “It’s a good thing we won World War II else we’d be speaking German right now” . . . in Arabic.

Michael Hill

Update: The Metropolitan Police in London now say that five people, including the Muslim attacker, have died and over forty are injured, including several police officers.