League statement on Silent Sam at UNC Chapel Hill

Silent Sam torn down Aug 2018On the night of 20 August, radical leftist students, including elements of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, tore down the statue of Silent Sam on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. The statue was erected in honor of the Confederate soldiers from UNC a century ago by the United Daughters of the Confederacy as a memorial to their brave service and sacrifice for their country. Video shows law enforcement standing around watching as these terrorists demolished public property with impunity. We expect there will be no prosecutions, as the young leftists will be viewed by the university administration with a high degree of sympathy.

We condemn in the harshest manner possible those who tore down Silent Sam, those who abetted them, and those officials who stood by on the scene and did nothing to prevent it. You are all thugs and cowards.

There is a New Red Terror being unleashed a century after the original article was introduced in Russia by the Bolshevik Revolution, which is the ideological and political inspiration for the current day Communist thugs who commit more and more violence in America’s streets. They will not stop until everything that reminds them of our Western Christian heritage, including our Southern heritage, is torn down and destroyed. And make no mistake about it, their ultimate target is flesh and blood. Ours. Any White man or woman who dares speak or act in the interests of their race and the civilization it created will be on the Cultural Marxist list for destruction. If you think this is hyperbole, stop and consider that these are the heirs of those who killed over 100 million people in the 20th century. What makes you think, Mr. and Mrs. Christian Southerner, that this leopard has changed its spots?

We call on all decent and right-thinking Southerners and others of goodwill to join us in a public demonstration on Saturday, 29 September, in Johnson City, Tennessee, to oppose this Marxist campaign of destruction. Details will be posted here on this website as soon as we have them. We encourage you to dress well, bring a Confederate flag or Tennessee State flag, and join us to let your dissenting voice be heard. If these thugs are to be stopped, they must be opposed in the public square by ordinary men and women who say “Enough is enough!” Please don’t let the leftist news media, the allies and enablers of these Cultural Marxists, scare you off or dissuade your from doing your civic duty to uphold both your cultural inheritance and law and order in the South. If we remain idle, we will be allowing the left to create a hostile future for our posterity. Our forebears founded this country for us, their posterity. Let us be brave and resolute enough to leave it intact and in good shape for generations to come.

May God vindicate our cause.

Michael Hill