League speaks at Stone Mountain

Several hundred Southerners gathered at Stone Mountain, Georgia to stand against the ongoing cultural genocide against all things Southern. Several League of the South members attended the rally. Georgia Chapter Chairman William Flowers was given a few minutes to address the crowd. His speech can be heard below:

League member Lucas Frankilin gives his account of the event:

On August 1st, the Southern people turned out in droves for a rally entitled the Georgia State Flag Rally at Stone Mountain Park, just outside of Atlanta. With conservative estimates of 1,000 folks, the rally attracted supporters from not only around the state but from across the South, to stand for the Confederate Battle Flag and for the carvings on Stone Mountain of our beloved Confederate heros President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee and General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. There was a large media presence, with four Atlanta television stations in attendance, along with multiple reporters from newspapers and magazines. The Southern People presented themselves well, even when provoked by a handful of members of the so-called Revolutionary Communist Party. The Georgia Security Force III% militia was on hand to ensure a good, as well as safe, time was had by all. Before the speakers took the stage, there was time for several League members to talk to rally attendees about the League. Free Magnolias were passed out and the reception was extremely positive. Newly christened as Chairman of the Georgia League of the South, Mr. William Flowers was the final orator to present before the crowd hiked up the mountain. Mr. Flower’s speech was by far the best of the day and prompted listeners to approach the several League members afterwards, looking for information on how to become a member of the organization.

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