League rep meets with Suidlanders in South Africa

LS Rich Hamblem gives LS flag to Suidlanders Jan 2019As we begin this new year of 2019, I am proud to report a successful mission by our League of the South representative (on left in photo, presenting a black cross SN flag to Mr. Mueller, President of the Suidlanders) to the Suidlanders in South Africa. The group is dedicated to the organization and protection of White South Africans who are facing threats to life and limb daily from the black-run government there. We first established contact with the Suidlanders in 2017, when their own representative, Simon Roche, made a tour of the South, raising both money and awareness of the plight of his fellow South African Whites. Mr. Roche spoke at our national conference in June 2017 and then was with us in Charlottesville in August of that year. Now, we have sent our own representative to assess the situation in South Africa and to cement relations between the Suidlanders and The League of the South. We believe this is how Whites worldwide must associate in order to help protect our mutual interests against the diabolical forces of globalism that seek our destruction as separate and sovereign nation-states. May this set the foundation for fruitful relations between us and our brothers and sisters in South Africa.

Michael Hill