League of the South statement, 14 July 2015

LS button image July 2014The crimes of one “Dr.” Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood are now going viral. What did this woman do? For those who haven’t heard, she was caught on tape trying to sell human body parts of “partially aborted babies” in conjunction with her local abortion providers, in order to maximize profit. Yes, that’s quite illegal, but I guess she figured, “hey, when you’re already in the business of ‘mass death for profit’…why let a little thing like ‘legality’ stop you”?

What good is legality in a country with no morality?

Fellow Southerners, the truth is that as hard as this barbaric, horrifying news hits us, we must remember that it’s simply the newest “peek under the hood” of what really transpires everyday within the “legalized” death industry, which the radical leftists continue to impose upon the South and her people.

The League of the South condemns the barbarous actions of “Dr.” Deborah Nucatola.

The League of the South condemns the criminal syndicate known as “Planned Parenthood”.

The League of South condemns the trafficking of body parts of murdered babies.

The League of the South upholds the sanctity and value of human life.

The League of the South affirms man as made in God’s image.

The League of the South upholds God’s Biblical laws and standards as the only legitimate basis for local, state, and federal law.

We’ve opposed the odious institution of abortion since our founding in 1994. We’ll go on opposing it until it is destroyed.

Southerners, let us remember that the only reason why heinous acts like abortion are even possible or legal in the South is that the radical, liberal, iron-fisted U.S. legal system forces our people to permit these atrocities within Southern borders. American rule of the South is a tyranny which is allowing mass murder under color of “law” in our communities. So long as the South is under control of the U. S. regime, a handful of leftist judges can and will force abortion, gay marriage, and other godless actions upon our people at any time they wish.

Let us be clear. Without the US government in Washington, DC, enforcing the will of literally five liberal judges at any given time, we Southerners could instantly stop the murder of thousands of babies a day. We could instantly stop hundreds of thousands of murders per year.

Southern men and women, you can continue to pray for a miracle in DC, and stay subjugated to the power that forces this upon you, or you can join us to help stop it much sooner, and forever.

Secession is how we stop the mass murder in our precious Southern land. Without Washington, DC, over us, most every Southern State would almost instantly make moves to clamp down on this unmitigated evil.

Without Washington, DC, over us, Southerners could craft laws based on Christian social mores and principles.

Without Washington, DC, over us, Southerners could rebuild a truly Christian nation in Dixie that cherishes human life for the treasure God made it.

Many evangelicals have been calling the United States a “Christian nation” for years. It’s past time that those evangelicals snapped out of it. The League of the South calls the United States what it is: a godless, criminal, murderous regime, which has institutionalized and protected death industries on multiple levels for far too long.

The Bible says that the wages of sin is death. Don’t you think this sinful, godless American empire has enough innocent blood on its hands? Do you think it’s high time to end abortion and these unspeakable practices once and for all in Dixie?

Southern men, and women, are you ready to secede yet? Then join us.